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Keep peace in your mind while selling in your shop, we got you covered

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Insurance plays a key role in every part of the supply line of cannabis, and that doesn’t stop once the product reaches smoke or tobacco shops. The last thing that you want as a store owner is to be found liable for a fault in the product that you sell, and while sometimes this can’t be avoided, the financial problems that can follow can be prevented.

If your store sells marijuana products, then you need to make sure that you are insured. Flexible tobacco and smoke shop insurance can cover you in the event of product defects, the destruction of products, and property damage, to name just a small proportion of what full coverage can offer.

Key areas of tobacco and smoke shop insurance include general and product liability insurance, that can protect your stock, and business personal property insurance with cover for tenant improvement.

For tailored insurance solutions to account for the unique needs of your tobacco or smoke shop business, or for any aspect of cannabis production and sale, please call our expert team today.