Property Management Coverage

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Property management coverage by Green Goddess Insurance

Whether you manage a property used for the production and sale of cannabis/hemp products, or you are considering renting a property for those purposes, it is crucial to know where you stand with insurance cover and property protection. In the cannabis industry, it is important for both the tenant of a property and the owner of a property have the right insurance coverage.

A property manager is responsible for ensuring this insurance is in place, as well as making sure the lease conditions are correct, maintenance is performed, the rent is paid, and sometimes even ensuring the building itself is properly insured.

In all cases, the business purpose of the building must be fully disclosed to prevent potential fines being incurred if a claim is made, such as in the event of an employee injuring themselves by slipping and falling or in the event of equipment malfunction causing injury and equipment damage.

As well as property insurance for the building and insurance for equipment damage, it is important to have general liability and errors and omissions insurance in place when renting a property for the production or sale of cannabis.

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