Processors/Harvesters Cannabis Insurance

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Green Goddess PRocessor Insurance Cannabis

Processing is a key stage in the production of cannabis as a product. Businesses in this area of expertise require the right kind of insurance to protect them from potential future financial problems and immediate hazards that can lead to injury within the workplace.

No business wants to imagine a third party getting ill when consuming their product or becoming destructive after ingestion. However, cases do occur, and in the cannabis industry, it is of the utmost importance to be protected. If a third party becomes sick or commits a crime after the ingestion of a product that your business has handled during the processing stage, then your business may be liable.

To protect your business as a processor against claims made in these situations, or in the event of the product recall, there are a number of key marijuana insurance policies that you should make sure that your business has.


These include:

  • Property insurance that covers property being moved, equipment, stock, income and additional expenses, business personal property, tenant improvement, and inventory.




Having the right insurance in place as a cannabis processor will help to cover you from a vast range of potential incidents, from defective products to necessary product recall. For advice and guidance when working out the right insurance coverage for your business, please call us today to speak to one of our expert advisors.