Garden/ Hydroponics Stores

We protect you while you are growing cannabis

Garden and Hydroponics Stores covered by Green Goddess Insurance

Every store, regardless of the products that they sell, needs to have comprehensive insurance in place to protect their business. Poor insurance coverage could leave your garden/ hydroponics store financially accountable for damage to property and product in the event of a natural disaster, fire, or accident. If the damage is severe, such as in the event of a fire which destroys all stocked products and damages the premises, the expenses for repair and replacement may simply be too much without insurance.

For stores that sell cannabis/hemp products, there are a number of essential insurances to have in place, providing full coverage and protection, no matter the loss suffered. These include:

  • Property Insurance – Cover in the event of property or equipment damage.
  • Cargo Insurance – Cover during the transportation of products.
  • General Liability – Cover in the event of injury, damage, or slander.
  • Product Liability – Cover in the event of product damage, destruction, or theft.

An accident or emergency can cause enough stress without you having to worry about the future of your business or loss of income due to damages. Call us today to make sure that you have the right protection in place.