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Green Goddess Cannabis Distributor insurance

A lot of important responsibilities fall on the shoulders of the cannabis distributors in the marijuana industry. Not only does the distributor have to cover the transportation of products from the manufacturer to the retail establishments, but they also have responsibilities over the sale and procurement of the product. Distributors must also make sure that products are correctly labeled, they are fully tested, and the packaging meets regulations.

The complexity of the role opens the door to a multitude of risks that distributors face in everyday operations, and risks that can occur from unpredictable events. A sudden disruption to the transport line, such as in the event of bad weather preventing transport or even in the event of fires or explosions that can destroy transport and products, can interrupt the entire operation.

To prevent a large number of risks causing significant financial stress and potentially even the shutdown of a business, it is important to have the right insurance in place to cover losses and loss of income, the cannabis distributors insurance. General liability, product liability, and property insurance are three of the most important insurance areas for cannabis distribution; helping to cover problems such as damage to stock inventory, product recall, and damage to the product in transit.

If you’re responsible for the distribution of cannabis products, then please Green Goddess Insurance today to learn more about protecting your operation with insurance that is designed to keep you covered, no matter the incident that disrupts distribution.