Property Cannabis Insurance

We protect your every asset

Protrct your property with Green Goddess Cannabis insurance

One of the biggest assets that any company will have is property, this could be anything from an inventory of products to the tools and equipment essential for trade. Due to the substantial financial investment in property and the crucial nature of the property being needed for operation, adequately protecting property is essential for the smooth running of a business and the financial future of a company.

Events of theft, the unpredictable nature of electrical fires, and even the chance of flooding from pipe breakages can all pose a risk to the investment that a business has in the property. A building may be structurally unstable and collapse, signs may be vandalized, and products may be compromised, you never know what’s around the corner.

Property insurance covers multiple areas, including:

  • All Property – Including Business Personal
  • Growing Equipment and Tools (Indoor and Outdoor)
  • Product Inventory
  • Loss of Income
  • Tenant Improvements
  • Outdoor Signs

Having cover in place means that you can get your business back on its feet in as quick a time as possible after an accident or emergency. With the right property insurance, you’ll be financially protected whether the retail side of your business has suffered damage, or a problem has caused manufacturing to slow down.

To make sure that your property is fully protected, and for help ensuring that your policies protect you as a cannabis business, please contact us today for advice.