Excess Liability Marijuana Insurance

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Green Goddess Excess Insurance

The legal cannabis industry is new and constantly developing. The changes in legislation are still fresh and the vast variations in law make navigating the regulations and guidelines for the industry incredibly difficult. This is why excess liability insurance is of the utmost importance for cannabis businesses who want a peace of mind over their coverage and protection.

Excess liability insurance is a proactive addition to business insurance that can help to lower the risks of claims. Increasing the limits of a policy, such as in the areas of product liability and property liability insurance, provides extra cover that can help to protect a business against substantial loss or major claims about product defects.

If a fire breaks out during manufacture or consumption of product results in a claim for severe third-party illness, then the excess liability insurance can step in to keep the financial outlook of a business positive.

For added safety and assurance for your business, contact Green Goddess Insurance Company today to view your options for excess liability insurance and make sure that your business is fully protected.