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Business profit relies on a business being able to operate properly. A single break in the equipment used during the cannabis growth stage could result in serious repercussions. Any damage to equipment or equipment malfunctions can leave a business unable to operate at any level. Similarly, if a storage facility is damaged, such as through machinery breakages, then entire harvests can be compromised and the whole business grinds to a halt.

When one of the largest pieces of machinery breaks down, the costs for repair or replacement can be extraordinary. Even the costs for small equipment replacement can add up, setting a company back significantly, not just in terms of financial loss for a replacement but also to cover the expenses for the marijuana product production slowdown.

The addition of equipment breakdown insurance onto your property insurance can help to minimize the risk of a business shutdown in the event of equipment problems. This form of insurance covers your business at the growth, production, storage, packing stages, and beyond, giving you a peace of mind about the equipment that allows your business to function.


When you have equipment breakdown insurance, you’re always covered against losses!

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