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Weather and Pests – Nothing to Worry About with Us!

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On the cultivation side of a cannabis business, there are few forms of insurance more important than crop insurance. Anything can happen to uncovered and covered crops, from the destruction caused by wildfires, to storms, and even floods. Perhaps the biggest threat of all is that of pests that seek to destroy large parts of a harvest. The risk to crops is so high, that around 25% of the crops in the US are destroyed each year.

The serious financial repercussions of crop destruction can be financially crippling for a business, which is why crop insurance is so essential to the smooth running of any cannabis company. While insurance can’t prevent crop destruction, it can provide an essential safety net in any event where your crop is contaminated or destroyed.

Cannabis crop insurance can cover indoor and outdoor plants, plants that are in an enclosed greenhouse and those that are in an unenclosed greenhouse. The right crop coverage will protect financial investment in seeds, flowing plants, plants already harvested, and any stock.

Whether your primary threat is theft and vandalism, or you’re worried about service interruption and the breakdown of equipment, it pays to make sure your financial investment is protected.

Call us today for advice about the best cover for your crops and we’ll make sure that you get tailored marijuana insurance that takes into account your harvest amount, production extent, and the value of your crops.

Make sure your crop is always secure and get the right crop insurance for your business!