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The legality of cannabis has changed considerably over the years, and in many states, the laws are still changing. From illegality to legal medical use, and now the growing expansion of legal growth and recreational use, the changes in status mean that cannabis companies need the same insurance protections as many other industries.

We, Green Goddess Insurance Company, offer comprehensive insurance cover to cannabis businesses in California, helping to provide them with the kind of protection and coverage that they need to keep their business secure. From grower coverage to seller coverage, we offer insurance services that are designed to protect every part of your business. Whether you are involved in the manufacturing process, the cultivation of marijuana, or are focused on retail, our insurance services make sure that you are covered.

Green Goddess Insurance Company is in commitment to delivering an excellent service, to make things simple and straightforward for your business, no matter the size.



About Green Goddess Insurance Company


We center our business model around the protection and security of all qualified cannabis businesses in the California US; from providing comprehensive insurance cover to establishing a safety net for businesses when the worst happens.

As the cannabis industry expands, so do we, always striving to be at the forefront of change and protection to give you the best and most comprehensive insurance service around. We focus on providing a service that offers excellence, no matter the event; offering the highest quality of service, accountability, and quality control to deliver a service that you can rely on.

We want your insurance to give you the extent of coverage that you would expect to receive in the event of an accident or emergency. We review your policies and get to know your business, so you get insurance that is tailored exclusively for your business model, aspirations, and growth.

Our goal is to make sure that you’re covered, and we do that by ensuring that declaration numbers will be effective in the case of a claim needing to be made, and by making sure that your cannabis insurance limit corresponds with your policy. We look at potential risk and analyze what your business needs so that it is insured in the right way with the right policies.

Insurance should be tailor-made and account for the unique risks that a business is subjected to and that exactly want we strive to offer every cannabis business.

Protection for your Marijuana Business


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